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It all started with a business trip my father took in the mid. 90’s only to discover this new material at the time: Plexiglass. Plexiglass was new to Lebanon and this is when Romeo decided to do something about it.
With the help of a small team of designers, he started to produce a line of fine furniture and home accessories. His vision was and still built on premium product quality, innovative creations and a skillful service. Before long success followed as we started serving a clientele varying from interior designers, display projects and home décor. Our production facility grew to include related materials such as wood, steel and of course all possible variation of Plexiglass; hence the name Plexi Plus. We now design a yearly new product line and work on complex design projects that satisfy the most demanding requests.

Leading the company with the same enthusiast as when all began, I thank my father, all the team members and the people we work with on daily basis for making this journey a beautiful one.