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  • Display Props
    We specialize in designing and creating unique retail promotional products, decors and displays. By combining our technical knowledge and creative abilities we can deliver schemes that are tailor made to suit each client’s needs.
  • Display Accessories
    We build visual merchandising displays that create impact and showcase your brand. We provide a full spectrum of services including design, CNC routing, thermoforming and printing.
  • Retail Shop Display
    We employ creative design, innovative materials to design in-store merchandising display fixture solutions that are clearly unique.
  • Free Standing POP Display
    Plexi Plus produces both stand-alone fixtures and display as well as complete furniture and fixture packages for total store environments.
  • Retails Risers & Props
    Our unique repertoire of techniques and materials has build Plexi Plus reputation as a leader in design and display solutions.
  • Events Décor
    We design and produce specialized custom made furniture and decorative display for any successful event and wedding venues.
  • Product Presentation
    Our displays are designed and built with the same level of sophistication and perfection as the products they are intended to emphasize. We specialize in creating innovative solutions to shape the face of high-end retail business.
  • Signage
    We truly understand the complexity of the retail industry and the consistent brand messaging. Our creativity and experience helps you develop unique signage systems, display and graphic messaging for your brand. We deliver fascia signage, projecting signs and all your brand messaging needs.
  • Exhibition Display
    Plexi Plus designs and manufactures exhibition environments displays and décor using a variety of raw materials and manufacturing processes.