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1. Domestic delivery
Ordering has never been easier, select your order and we will send it to your door step within 48 hours if the item is available in stock. If your order is not in stock and needs production, the fastest delivery date with be communicated. Any order above 200 US dollars is delivered free of charge across Lebanon. Delivery of orders below this amount are charged according to local delivery rates. All deliveries are made through our trusted courier Aramex to insure a two days’ delivery policy. All items are delivered bubble wrapped.

2. International delivery
As part of our client service policy, we collaborate daily with shipping companies to make sure your order gets there on time. Depending on the type of shipment and the country you are in, we allocate a shipping agent to get in touch with you and finalize delivery details as well as delivery date. All shipments are insured against transportation and handling damages. You can always suggest your shipping agent.

3. Packing
Locally, all items are delivered bubble wrapped. For international shipping, any extra boxing required (wood or carton) is charged separately.

4. Express Shipping
You can get delivered anywhere in the world, fast. Upon completion of your order in our warehouses, you will be communicated the fastest delivery time possible. Please be sure to mention “Express Shipping” when you confirm your order.