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  • Custom Corporate Furniture
    We supply museum quality custom furniture and accessories for select retail, corporate, institutional or exhibition environments.
  • Retail Environments
    Keeping up with your brand identity image, we help you get from the big picture to fine details. We use emerging materials and processes to incorporate the perfect color, texture, light and finish to create unique shopping experiences.
  • Custom Retail Furniture and Fixtures
    Plexi Plus designs and fabricates custom furniture and fixtures to align aesthetically and unify the brand of forward-thinking retail environments.
  • Display Shelving and Permanent Fixtures
    Our custom built freestanding display units, integrated wall units, secure exhibit cases and vitrines will take your space to the next level. Our expertise with working the materials gives us an edge in the design and production of display fixtures.
  • Bar and Reception
    Whether it be for an exhibition stand, POS in a mall, a hotel or bar counter, we design and build it for you. We propose a variety of innovative materials, textures and styles that fits best you brand.
  • Modern Furniture
    Plexi Plus modern and contemporary custom made furniture pieces have gained the attention of home, retail and commercial industries providing a touch of luxury to any style of interior.